Frequently Asked Questions

Are your DJ's interactive with guests? Get them involved and dancing?
Our DJs are as interactive with your guests as you want them to be. We work with you before hand. We can either just play music or teach dances and throw candy out, etc.

Does the $595.00 package come with any lights?
Yes. The $595.00 package comes with two colored lights that change colors to the beat of the music.

Can we put together a play list and give it to you for the reception?
Yes. We have you pick out songs two weeks before the event.

Do you include a microphone for the head table?
We do provide a wireless microphone for the head table free of charge.

Do you have a projector/screen available for rent for picture slides during our event? Cost?
We can have a projector and a screen for your event at an additional cost of $75.00.

Where can I download a PDF of a contract to book a NCS DJ?
You can download and print off our DJ Agreement here.

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